How To Model In Rhino Coffee Machine?

How do I convert 3D to 2d in rhino?

Use “SrfPt” command, follow the commands. Then use “ExtrudeSrf” command, set the “soild” option to “yes” and type in the extrusion distance to finish. 3.2 The second way to create 3D geometry is creating different surfaces in 3D space, then joining them into one solid 3D object.

How do I learn Rhino software?

A Rhino Newbie Explore the software via Youtube, or take short Rhino courses among the many available online, and you would be able to build basic models on the software. Rhinoceros has a similar interface to Autodesk products, thus, it should be easier for Autodesk users to grasp (which, no doubt, is many of us).

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