FAQ: What Temperature Does Mcdonalds Serve Coffee?

What temperature is mcdonalds coffee served at?

McDonald’s operations manual required the franchisee to hold its coffee at 180 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Coffee at that temperature, if spilled, causes third-degree burns in three to seven seconds.

Did McDonalds lower their coffee temperature?

McDonald’s coffee was served at a temperature between 180 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit. In the 10 years before the case, more than 700 people who were scalded by coffee burns made claims against the company. But McDonald’s never lowered the temperature of its coffee.

Why did McDonald’s serve coffee so hot?

McDonald’s make their coffee at a high temperature to ensure that it will stay hot it people are travelling or commuting long distances.

Has Mcdonalds changed their coffee temperature?

McDonald’s now serves its coffee at a temperature that is 10 degrees lower.

How hot is Starbucks coffee served?

Hot Coffee According to a beverage resource manual, the standard temperature for hot Starbucks drinks is between 150 and 170 degrees, not including Americanos. Children’s drinks are typically served at 130 degrees, said the manual.

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How hot should coffee be served at?

Hot beverages such as tea, hot chocolate, and coffee are frequently served at temperatures between 160 degrees F (71.1 degrees C) and 185 degrees F (85 degrees C). Brief exposures to liquids in this temperature range can cause significant scald burns.

What is the main problem in the McDonald’s case?

In the McDonald’s case, evidence was presented that McDonald’s sold coffee at a temperature that was higher than industry average and that, at the temperature at which it was served, it was too hot to be consumed – it would cause 3rd-degree burns within seconds.

Why did McDonald’s lose the coffee lawsuit?

However, McDonald’s refused to settle. The jury awarded Liebeck $200,000 in compensatory damages — reduced to $160,000 because the jury found her 20 percent at fault — and $2.7 million in punitive damages for McDonald’s callous conduct.

Is Starbucks and McDonald’s coffee the same?

If you’re on a budget, McDonald’s is the clear winner over Starbucks. If you have a coffee habit that you just can’t seem to shake and don’t mind a weaker-tasting coffee, grab your next fix from McDonald’s. If you drink it hot, one regular large coffee is just $1.49, reports Fast Food Price.

Why is McDonald’s coffee so good?

McDonald’s uses a medium roasted blend rather than dark roasted coffee. The lighter roast brings out the coffee’s nutty, chocolaty undertones without causing excessive bitterness or a burnt flavor. Pro Tip: Lighter roasted coffee also means more caffeine.

Can you sue McDonald’s?

If you were injured at McDonald’s, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the fast food chain seeking compensation for one or more of the following: Unpaid wages (for McDonald’s employees) Lost wages and/or diminished earning capacity.

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How many times did liebeck try to settle McDonald’s?

Reality: Mrs. Liebeck spent six months attempting to convince McDonald’s to pay $15,000 to $20,000 to cover her medical expenses.

Why do coffee cups say caution hot?

So, the “Caution: Contents Hot” warning has the same function as cardboard sleeves and smart drink lids. They exist to prevent you from hurting yourself with hot liquids, and in turn that protects coffee-serving companies by letting you know yourliability.

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