FAQ: What If The Moulin Coffee Grider Doesn’t Gride Well?

Why is my coffee grinder not grinding?

A coffee grinder generally stops working because it’s clogged with coffee grounds, not because it’s broken. But even if those particles don’t ruin a machine initially, you’ll eventually start hearing a harsh whirling sound coming from the grinder – this can mean a broken part or even a dead motor.

What happens if a coffee grinder is too coarse?

When the grind is too coarse, the grounds will not pack tightly together, and the water will pass through them too quickly. The extraction will be too fast, and the drinks will be weak. You must make the grind finer. This will result in an extraction that is too slow, hence bitter drinks.

How do I make my coffee grinder more coarse?

To make the adjustment: 1) Decide what adjustment (finer or coarser) you require and move the collar. Make sure you have enough beans in the hopper and that the close slide is open allowing beans through to the blades. 2) Turn on the grinder for 10 seconds and discard that grind (it will still be on the old setting).

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How can you tell if your grinder is working efficiently?

If you feel like you’re slowly having to make your grind size finer and finer, it could mean your burrs are close to replacement time. For example, if you used to grind at a 9 setting for pour over coffee, but you now find yourself grinding at a 8, 7, or even 6, your burrs are probably on their way out.

Why has my angle grinder stopped working?

If you switch on the angle grinder and nothing happens, the problem is likely to lie with the power supply. For a corded grinder, check to make sure that the cord and plug have not sustained any damage. Replace the fuse if necessary. Check that there is a sufficient supply of gas, or air for gas, or pneumatic grinders.

How often should you clean coffee grinder?

Discard the coffee grounds and tablet residue and rinse out the ground coffee bin. This cleaning process should be performed every few months to remove coffee buildup from inside the grinder, or less often if you don’t use it every day.

What do you do when your grinder is stuck?

Do not crush it if you put the grinder head in a vise. You can use a rubber or plastic mallet to tap on the retaining ring. If it still won’t budge, get a torch and heat the retaining ring to expand, then tap sharply, but not too hard, with a light hammer.

Does finer grind make stronger coffee?

In that case, the more finely ground your beans are, the more caffeine they will release to the water. In the sense of caffeination, a finer grind does result in stronger coffee, while a coarser grind will brew a weaker cup.

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How do I know if my coffee grind is too fine?

Choosing the Right Grind Size In general, if you brew coffee that is ground too coarse, the coffee can be under-extracted (weak), and less flavorful. If your coffee is ground too fine, however, the coffee can be over-extracted and bitter. Small changes in grind size can drastically affect the taste of your final brew.

Does grind size affect coffee?

Why Does Coffee Grind Size Matter? No matter your brew method, coffee-making involves extracting flavor (and caffeine) from coffee grounds. The finer you grind your coffee beans, the more you increase the exposed surface area of the grounds, resulting in faster extraction.

What setting should I grind my coffee?

Start with a medium-fine grind, and adjust it based on your preferences. For example, if your brew turns out sour (under extracted), use a finer grind next time, and/or increase your brew time slightly. If your brew ends up bitter (over extracted), use a coarser grind next time and/or decrease your brew time.

Does coffee grind matter?

Coffee grind not only matters, it is possibly one of the most important steps in the coffee brewing process, as grind size can dramatically change the taste of your coffee, transforming it from perfection to undrinkable bitterness.

How do you grind coffee to make it stronger?

To make a stronger brew, just increase the amount of grounds used without altering the quantity of water you use. This will alter the ratio and produce a stronger cup. Most brew methods use a coffee-water ratio that falls between 1:18 and 1:16 (1 part coffee and 18 to 16 parts water).

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